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40 Years Old – 17 Years Active Addiction – In Recovery Since 09/11/16

Profession: Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Intervention Specialist

Status: Engaged w/child

Hometown: Orange County, California

Drug of Choice: Opiates, Alcohol

Initial Treatment: Rehab

Hi, my name is Ian, I’m 40 years old today, originally from Manhattan, NY but now living in Orange County, CA and I’ve been clean from drugs and alcohol for over 4 years.

I also suffer from OCD, and CPTSD. I’ve been misdiagnosed with almost everything though as I grew up in the 80’s. We have re-written the book a few times since then.

I grew up with a mother who hasn’t been sober since I was born. It’s been years since my final boundary was placed on my mother, now I can finally be the son she deserves and love her from a distance. My grandmother raised me and I call her mom. My dad took custody & came around more when I was 13.

I shot heroin for the first time in a gas station bathroom at 15. I did a lot of drugs from age 13-21. I wasn’t drinking much because of my Mom’s drinking. My grandmother died at 21 and completely devastated, alcohol finally took it’s place.

I would be laid up in my bed for the next 10 years, nodding out from being on so many pills, or sick because I didn’t have enough. On my 30th birthday, I didn’t remember even happening, I hit my bottom, admitted I was an addict, and needed help.

I felt I had no purpose until I went to rehab and got sober. I developed a purpose and became a counselor, looked at the sky and felt like I could justify my existence for the first time in my life.

The brain can rewire itself remarkably, and today, as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, that rewiring allows me to do what I do. We may not get certain choices in life, but we DO get to write our story when we get in front of our addiction, I found.

The 12 steps saved me. Spirituality, integrity, and service keep me going. Relapse is part of my story but I will have 5 years on Sept 11th. Thank you ALL for my recovery!!


Ian founded Sober Contracts. His vision is to achieve non-profit status, in order to provide EVERY American access to high-quality evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment options, extensive information and resources about addiction, as well as prevention and harm-reduction resources. He plans on having direct involvement in the development of national policies surrounding mental health and addiction treatment, advocating for state and federal policies to increase access and funding to evidence-based treatment and recovery programs both locally and nationwide. Addiction education among healthcare providers is also a big part of our mission, being at a deficit in professional medicine, still today. He advocates for EVERY healthcare provider to be educated and equipped to refer patients to science-based addiction treatment and reduce the patient risk through more responsible prescribing. In short, his mission is to lead an initiative to transform addiction treatment in America. The action plan includes treatment provider ratings, payment reform, provider transformation, and stigma reduction, public education, and federal and state policy. As well as helping to keep new and proven advances in drug treatment in effect and working with communities to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get the help they need.

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