End the stigma of addiction and wear your recovery with pride.

About Us


The Serenitees Collection is a recovery life-influenced line of clothing made by recovering addicts for recovering addicts, those who still suffer, and anyone who’s life addiction has touched.  We choose to recover out loud so that no one has to suffer in silence. We are never cured, only blessed with a daily reprieve and living clean, one day at a time.


Founded in 2018 by two addicts in recovery seeking a selection of recovery clothing they would actually wear, The Serenitees Collection found it’s beginning.  Martin, a graphic artist by trade, and Crystal, a hairstylist and artist as well, are two fellow addicts living their lives in recovery and whose recovery is deeply rooted in Narcotics Anonymous.  “We should create our own line”, the dream started and the Clean AF Collection was born.  Armed with their new shirts in all of the meetings they attended, their designs started attracting some attention, and friends started asking where they too could get some recovery apparel like that.  SereniteesCollection.com was created and the rest is history.  Serenitees quickly picked up, with the support of their friends, and a cult-like following fueled them to create more.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and like many people, Martin and Crystal were home bound.  They had just added their new addition to their family that September and fearing for his safety, they remained in the house.  Work slowed down for Martin and stopped for Crystal, hair salons being closed, and that’s when idled times gave way to more time to create.  The Just for Today Collection was already going live and the latest Clean in Quarantine Collection was given allot of time for creation.  Because we ourselves are recovering addicts, we put our heart and soul in every piece of clothing in every collection we make.  Being stuck in the house and not being able to attend live meetings, Martin and Crystal, like many addicts, turned to Zoom, and their eyes were opened to a whole new world of recovery.  Attending meetings not only in Vegas, but all over the world, Serenitees reached the masses and our clothing line began to surface in other countries. 

Our own Experience, Strength and Hope inspired the first ideas, but the daily love and support of the recovery community, fuels us to keep creating.  Gratitude does not even begin to express how thankful and blessed we feel with each wear and share that The Serenitees Collection receives.  We wear our recovery proudly for we are never cured, only blessed with a daily reprieve and living our lives, one day at a time.  We never have to be alone ever again.  We are you and you us, because as addicts we have something in common others will never understand, and are given an opportunity for a new way of life that is beyond our wildest dreams. 

Just for today… be grateful to be clean and serene.